Station Profile

BALISONG YOUR HOME RADIO is a Media Company that brings the news and information presented through Website, Twitter, YouTube, and mostly on Facebook.  We also appreciate the Beauty, Culture, Dialects, Talents, Places, Food, History, People and Personalities of the Province to the Nation. It also reaches Filipino to inform, entertain and serve through news and current affairs.



To be the most outstanding, talked about and reliable source of information, entertainment and business publicity in the modernizing Philippines.


Our Mission is to inform, inspire, entertain and empower our people and nation through relevant, trustworthy, and world-class quality online programs and services. Balisong your home radio offers a unique entertainment experience for audience, by providing the best creativity.

                                                                                                      CORE VALUES

Commitment, Creativity, Integrity, Innovation, Passion, Service, Excellence Value for God, Country and People